Monday, February 7, 2011

Google maps!!

Today i saw the a Google company car with a giant pole sticking out of the top about 6 feet up there was a big round ball that was a bunch of cameras pointing all different directions.. I always wondered who had the job of driving on ever road still in use, turns out it is a 25 year old white dude with a fro who was most likely playing death metal cuz he was either rocking out of having some sort of attack... either way his driving was acceptable haha

Sunday, February 6, 2011

Sushi is bomb

Today I had Love boat sushi and it was awesome. I got the spicey tuna roll, tnt, water boy, and i think two others.. anything spicey is good to me. I tried calamari and it was actually really good. it was in a spicey red sause but at the same time it was sweet.  kinda chewy but very good. made my breath stink though...  Do you guys like sushi? why why not?  oh and not all sushi is raw meat there a lots of veggie rolls too..